I started this blog out of my love for fitness, fashion, travel and everything in between. I constantly find myself looking for new ways to spice up a workout, researching the latest health craze, or dazed in wanderlust, while of course keeping tabs on the season’s trend. So naturally, in combination with my fondness for writing, a positive space to culminate the little notes of my life was born. 

Currently, I am a student at Vanderbilt on the pre-med track (brutal ik) working towards becoming a surgeon. As a native Chicagoan, I love my city whole heartedly, and do miss it while studying in Nashville. For me, being active is a must, whether it’s going for a run, or adoring the endorphins of a good workout class. I nearly decided to run in college, but ultimately felt I wanted experiences centered outside of training. Needless to say, running is still a major aspect of my life, and something I will always love.  Besides running, some of my favorites are ballet, yoga, boxing, figure skating, and skiing (one I unfortunately can’t do as often); I’ve also spent parts of my summer sailing since I can remember, and have found making time to be present on the water a great way to detox from daily stress. Health, both physically and mentally, are immensely important to me; I believe keeping my body and mind agile allows me to maximize each day. 

I’m so excited you’re here!